Hi, my name is Rachel. I am a stay at home mom of three amazing young boys. Having one son with so many allergies it makes my head spin and myself having extremely sensitive skin, life isn't always easy! After years of using products and having irritated skin and now seeing my son inherit my temperamental skin, I had to do something to help us. So I started doing a crazy amount of research and then finally started making my own products. Amazingly we have great skin now!!! YAY! No issues whatsoever. Amazingly healthy skin.  Quickly our family and friends wanted to also use my products and loved them just as much as I did! So my husband pushed me to start The Naked Soap. Using nothing but high quality ingredients. Many products are organic and vegan. Everyone should love their skin and be mindful of the products that they are using. This has now become my passion and my business. Whether you are just stopping by to browse or you make a purchase, just know I am very grateful.

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